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Pirates of the Caribbean 5 in 1 combo

Ay, me hearties ye must always 'ave ye a pirate in yer chest! What swashbuckling affair would be complete without the thrills and adventure of Jack Sparrow and his sea faring side kicks, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann? The action-packed high seas happenings are brilliantly displayed on the Pirates of the Caribbean inflatable series making any celebration a seaworthy one.


Suitable for swashbucklers from 2 to 92!

(sorry, peg legs must be removed) 

 The 5-in-1's provide ample jumping area, basketball hoop, log and pop-up obstacles, a climb feature and a slide that exits to the outside of the unit for easy exit or easy re-entry.

Combo unit is approximately 20' L x 19' W x 15' H.




                                                                                           daily rental       Overnight

Pirates of the Caribbean 5 in 1 Combo        $225.00                   $265.00