Monkey Giggles


Other Fun Rentals!

Inflatable Giggler of Honor Throne

Make your little Giggler feel like royalty of the jungle, just as s/he deserves, with our Inflatable Giggler of Honor Throne. This Throne is great for photos, videos, and for games. 

Needs 1 outlet to plug into, can support weights up to 200 pounds.

Approximate Size: 4'W x 4'L x 6'H


without inflatable   $75.00

With inflatable           $45.00

Mini All Star  Basketball  


With a total height of just under 8 feet, this two-player, miniature basketball game is perfectly portable and ideal for venues that have a smaller space.

** Be sure to click on the pictures for more details ** 



                                   Daily Rental    Next Day Pickup*

 Mini All Star           $85.00                    $115.00


Cash cubes are always a party favorite and a great way to add some excitement!

Try your luck at grabbing the funny money or coupons and catch as much as they can hold. Great incentives and employee appreciation days!

Cash Cube  $95.00


Two competitors race to see who can pump the fastest in the Down Pour Derby. As each contestant pumps, they fill their opponents bucket with water. As the bucket reaches its limit it tips and drenches the loser!

Great for parties, carnivals,schools, corporate events & more. 

Space Required: 10L x 10W play area

Requires 1 adult to supervise. 2 gallons of water pour down for a total soaking. Draws water from 10 gallon refillable source bucket or nearby pool. Lots of fun for everyone!

        Downpour Derby: $ 155.00

QB Blitz

QB Blitz is the world's first true interactive football game! 

QB Blitz features two ways to play. 

cLICK picture for more details! 

 QB BLITZ: $165

Jacob's Ladder

This is a race against an opponent and a test of your own skill. Each of two competitors try to climb up the rope ladder. The one who makes it to the top first wins. Of course, if you fall, there is a nice soft inflatable floor to catch you. It is also very challenging, physical, great test of balance and coordination for all ages and a lot of fun!

Approximately 13" W X 19'L X 12" H

                                     Daily Rental    Next Day Pickup*

Jacob's Ladder          $325.00                 $355.00


Requires approximately 250 gallons of water and does require an attendant on duty.

**This is a 1 - 8 hour rental.** 

Dunk Tank: $ 275.00

Poker Night!

(Includes table, chairs, chips, cards, & more!)

*Click on picture for details* 


 POKER NIGHT : $ 85.00

Volcano Roller Bowler

This game is blazing hot!! Players roll the boulder balls up the lava ramp and over the molten hill and try to get the ball to stay in the dip over the hill. One player can have 2 chances to win or 2 players can play at the same time.

Approximately 29" W X 6'L X 29" H

Volcano Roller Bowler:  $45.00


Assorted Carnival games

Choose from Cornhole, Sack Races, Monkey Shoot, Banana Toss, Tug O' War Challenge, and MORE! 

$45.00 each

Spin Art

Includes 6 colors of paint and supplies for 30. 

 Rental with inflatable $ 55.00

Rental without inflatable $ 65.00

Additional supplies for .55/ea.

 Fog or BUBBLE Machine

Rental with inflatable $ 40.00

Rental without inflatable $ 55.00 

Please Note: To insure proper game play, All Arcade games or pinball machines need minimum 1 week advance notice  


Daily Rental      Next Day Pickup  $65.00             $105.00

Golden Tee LIVE


Daily Rental      Next Day Pickup  $150.00             $205.00


Touchscreen Counter Top Games

Daily Renatl     Next day Pickup

$85.00          $105.00

Assorted Pinball Machines

(While we do have many titles, this is a stock photo. Please call for availability.) 

Daily Renal    Next day

$145.00             $185.00

 Assorted Video Games

(While we do have many titles, this is a stock photo. Please call for availability.) 

    Daily Rental   Next day

      $105.00        $145.00



6' Rectangular or 5' Round tables $15.00 Each.

Chairs $1.50 each with table or Inflatable Rental

Chairs alone are $2.00 each 

(no delivery charge. $50.00 minimum applies)

Party Tent 10 X 10 Canopy

10 ft X 10 ft Canopy

Price includes setup and breakdown  and delivery. 

$45.00  ($30 for each additional tent)


Don't have a power supply close? Rent a generator to run your inflatables.  

6-8 hour run time.  Includes full tank of gas.

Each Generator can power up to 4 blowers.