Monkey Giggles


Obstacle Island

Dive through the portal entrance and find yourself enclosed in Obstacle Island! Avoid being stranded by climbing up the 9 foot wall towering overhead on either side and make it down the thrilling slide! Once at the back of the island, it is time to navigate an escape. Push, crawl and leap through the obstacles ahead to create a path toward the front of the Obstacle Island and escape through the portal hoops.

With a variety of pop-ups and towering walls to climb and slide down, Obstacle Island commands attention. Participants will definitely enjoy this ride for all of its many features. Have one for any event and witness the excitement it creates. Obstacle Island is sure to satisfy any crowd!

Obstacle Island is approximately 22' x 22' x 14'


                                                             daily rental     Overnight

Obstacle Island                         $425.00                   $465.00