Monkey Giggles


NEW  FOR  2019

Check back for new additions!

Glitter Tattoos

Glitter tattoos are great for parties and events. Includes 2 hours OR tattoos with Glitter Artist.  

$145.00 (2 hour minimum)

$45 each additional hour

Super Kixx Dome Soccer

A great game where 2 to 4 players are soccer players competing on 2 teams. Complete with crowd cheers, sound effects, automatic digital scoring and lighting. The playing surface is Astroturf and Kixx Soccer is a very fast playing game.  The domed roof keeps the ball in play.

Daily Rental      Next Day Pickup  

$65.00             $105.00

Criss Cross Basketball

Your score foils your foe!

The one with the most balls loses!

Criss Cross basketball $185


This fantastic dual slide combo unit has a basketball goal and a pony horse! 
This great unit can be used wet or dry (a pool will replace the landing) and is perfect for kids age 10 and under!

                                                      DAILY RENTAL         Overnight         Wet Rental

TROPICAL SLIDE COMBO             $135.00                   $165.00             $165.00