Monkey Giggles




MONKEY CAGE                         $600

Young ones will go bananas for this fun and festive jumper. It is generously sized to offer room to move around inside. A wide inflatable entrance/exit ramp leads to the interior, where participants will find a 17’ x 13’ play area decorated with inflatable palm trees and a happy monkey. All four sides of the bouncer feature mesh-covered openings for ventilation and excellent viewing. 

Bungee Sports Challenge         $400

Each contestant, tethered to the same bungee cord, which goes through the center bunker, runs in opposing directions toward their own goal. As one person gains ground, the other loses ground. The goal is to attempt to make a basket in their own goal at their end of the inflatable.

Wee Ones Castle Combo    $400

Here is a GREAT castle combo for the wee ones.  

This unit is perfect for the 6 and under crowd.  

Includes Classic Bounce Castle, double slide, and mini obstacles. 

Castle is approximately 15'  x 20' x 13'.