Monkey Giggles


foam pit

Rent the Inflatable Foam Pit for your next event! Summer fun? Dance Party? School party? Cooperate event? for all!

This 20' L x 20' W foam pit is large enough for up to 25 participants.  

You provide the place & a water source (and hose) and we'll bring the party. 

Inflatable Foam Pit with single entrance and exit.

Commercial Foam Machine that supplies MASSIVE amounts of foam

Foam pack Mixture (approximately 2 hours worth or 1 hour continues run)

50 gallon container for mixing and storage of foam mix.

Additional Foam packs available to increase your fun time.  $35.00/pack

instructions for use:

We will mix and prepare your first container of foam.

Each additional pack requires 50 gallons of water.

unplug pump and foam machine.

Fill Barrel with water first.  Then add pack and mix slowly.

plug in pump and foam machine.

Once enough foam has filled area unplug pump.  

pump should be restarted when more foam is needed.

approximately 20 x 20 x 3 

                             Daily Rental       
FOAM PIT         $285.00                          

For an additional $120 create your own special (best in the neighborhood FANTASTIC foam party!
We'll bring everything you need for 2 hours worth of foaming fun with a rental of our Slip & Slide, Surf & Splash, or most of our enclosed bounce houses! Well worth the upgrade!
Why? Because YOUR parties are always the best!
Give us a call for details!