Monkey Giggles


foam pit

Rent the Inflatable Foam Pit for your next event! Summer fun? Dance Party? School party? Cooperate event? for all!

This 20' L x 20' W foam pit is large enough for up to 25 participants.  

You provide the place & a water source (and hose) and we'll bring the party. 

Inflatable Foam Pit with single entrance and exit.

Commercial Foam Machine that supplies MASSIVE amounts of foam

Foam Mixture (approximately 2 hours worth)

Large barrel for mixing and storage of foam mix.

approximately 20 x 20 x 3 

                             Daily Rental       Overnight Rental
FOAM PIT         $285.00                           $315.00

For an additional $120 create your own special (best in the neighborhood FANTASTIC foam party!
We'll bring everything you need for 2 hours worth of foaming fun with a rental of our Slip & Slide, Surf & Splash, or most of our enclosed bounce houses! Well worth the upgrade!
Why? Because YOUR parties are always the best!
Give us a call for details!