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  1. Do you service my area, and is there a delivery charge?

    Monkey Giggles is located in Snellville, Georgia and offers free delivery within a 20 mile radius of Snellville.

    If your location is more than 20 miles there is a $250 minimum, contact us if you are unsure.

  2. Do you Deliver and Set Up?

    OH YES!

    Monkey Giggles will deliver, set up, take down remove and clean the bounces and fun foods.

    All you will have to do is have FUN.

  3. Can I pick the inflatable bouncer or slide up at your location, and set it up myself?

    No. To insure the safety of your children and guests, all of Monkey Giggles inflatables must be set up and taken down, by one of our representatives. Due to the sheer size of our bouncers (most are over 300 pounds), no customer pick ups are permitted. Besides, it's best to leave the work to us.

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  1. How do I reserve my party?

    You have three choices:


    • Simply call 770-356-1690
    • Fill out our form on the “Contact Us” page to have a representative contact you
    • email us monkeygigglesllc at


  2. How far in advance do I need to reserve my party?


    As soon as you have a confirmed time and date for your party, we highly recommend that you book your inflatable(s) for that date. There's nothing worse than getting your party organized, then calling up to book a bounce house or slide, and finding that none are available.

    If you have a last minute plans to rent a bounce house, if you've just found out about us, or if your other company is giving your grief, give us a call anyway. There is no guarantee we can accommodate you, but often we've had those last minute bookings and were able to get to the party on time. You never know, unless you call us.

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Basic Information

  1. Are you insured?


  2. What type of surface is needed for inflatables?

    You will need a mostly flat area that is clean of debris (sticks, stones, mud, etc.), tree roots, or pet waste. If you do have a sprinkler system, please advise us before setting up. Please inform us if you have watered or cut of the grass before or the day of the event so that we may set up properly.

  3. Can inflatable bounce houses or slide be setup on pavement (i.e. cul-de-sacs) or driveways?

    Yes. Hard surfaces must be smooth and clean. Rough concrete surfaces will require the use of a tarp (which we supply).

  4. How much space is required?

    Amount of space required depends on the inflatable that is rented and a representative will let you know in advance of the rental.

    For proper clearance, you will need at least a 20' x 20' area (larger units of course need more space), with clearance overhead (no power lines, trees, branches, overhangs, etc.) of 20 feet. An electrical outlet needs to be within 100 feet. If you do not have an electrical outlet nearby, a generator will be required. (We also rent generators.)

  5. What items are NOT allowed in the bounce?

    No shoes, food, drinks, candy, gum, silly string or any other item is allowed in any inflatable to prevent injury and damage. In the event such is found in the bounce a minimum $50 cleaning fee will be assessed.

  6. Does the blower have to run all the time?

    Yes, the blower keeps the inflatable bounce house or slide inflated.

  7. How many children can bounce at a time?

    As a general guide line:

    • Ages 3 to 8           8 to 10 children (depending on size)
    • Ages 9 to 12         6 to 7 children (depending on size)
    • Ages 13 to 16       4 to 6 children (depending on size)
    • Ages 16 +              2 to 3 (depending on size)
    Please keep in mind that compatible sized children MUST play on the unit at the same time, REGARDLESS of age. Different sized children must not be mixed. Please remember, the above is a guideline only. It all depends on the size of the children, and how active they are. Remember, you want to keep them safe. If needed, split them into groups.
  8. Can adults play on the inflatables?


    Most of our units have a manufacture's weight limit of about 400lbs. If there is any question or concern with any unit please don't hesitate to ask. 

  9. Who Supervises the Event?

    There must be an adult supervising all of Monkey Giggles bounces and food concessions at all times to prevent injury. You can hire an attendant to supervise your event.

  10. Can you provide an attendant?

    We can provide an attendant to supervise your party for a fee of $15 per hour. Some equipment does require an attendant (those that accumulate water) unless you have a person designated to watch said equipment who is certified in CPR.

  11. How often are the Bounces and Food Equipment Cleaned?

    All of Monkey Giggles bounces are thoroughly cleaned inside and out after each event.

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  1. What payment do you accept?

    We accept cash,  postal money orders, debit or credit cards AND PayPal!

  2. Do I have to pay a deposit?

    We do require a $40 minmium deposit to confirm your party at home. This way we insure that no one else can have the unit you want on your date. 
    The deposit does go towards the balance of your party and is NOT an additional fee. 

    If your party is at a park, business, or any other event, we require payment in full before the equipment is delivered. 

  3. Are there any additional fees for renting?

    Nope. We list our prices on our site so there are no hidden fees, no surprises (unless you count being upfront as a surprise).

    All of our rental prices are inclusive of taxes, delivery fee, or whatever other "fees" some companies may charge. 

    If you are more than 20 miles from our home base in Snellville we do require a minimum of $250.

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